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Women Behavior in Social Media: The Psychology of Why We Share

Whether it’s a selfie in the bathroom mirror or a picture of our lunch, many women feel compelled to share details of their lives on social media. But why do we do it? What is the psychology behind why women behave differently on social media than men? As it turns out, there are several factors…

Reasons Why Personality Matters More Than Looks

Looks may fade with time, but personality lasts a lifetime. Though you might not be able to control your genes or how you look, you can always control how you act and treat others. And that’s why personality matters more than looks. No matter what someone looks like on the outside, if they have a…

Body Image Affects Mental Health: How to Love Yourself

We as humans are constantly striving to be perfect. We want to have the perfect body, the perfect hair, and the perfect partner. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be “perfect.” This perfectionism can often lead to body image issues, which in turn can lead to mental health issues. But it’s not…

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